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Cloud-based energy management
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Cloud-based solutions

Our solutions comprise of hardware, software and services components. Our proprietary hardware is connected to conventional electrical equipment that becomes visible in the cloud and can be controlled from any internet-enabled device.  Remote metering and switching is at the heart of our solutions.

PowerSense® Cloud-Switch

The PowerSense® is installed on any relevant electrical appliance, i.e. air conditioning, geyser, heat pump, lights, pumps.  Within minutes, the PowerSense® is visible on the internet and the equipment connected to the PowerSense® can be switched from any internet-enabled device such as a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Switch on Time

The PowerSense® is configured once to switch on/off based on the specific time it is required to be on/off.

Switch on Temperature

For heating appliances such as heat pumps and geysers, the PowerSense® switching temperature can be set to an exact °C setpoint.  Freezers and coolers can also be controlled according to the PowerSense® setpont.

Switch on Electrical Load

In conjunction with an electricity meter that measures the live electricity usage, the PowerSense® will switch based on electrical load of a facility.  This will actively reduce the maximum demand of the facility without causing any inconvenience.


The system will send an email aletrs to relevant people to inform them of high/low temperature situations, power and equipment failure.


Various reports are available to assist with operational management.
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